RARA invited to the ACED Annual Conference

On 3rd November 2017, Samuel Dent, RARA Project Manager will join Professor Rachel Horn, Engineering Faculty Director of Learning & Teaching at Sheffield, to speak at the Association of Civil Engineering Departments (ACED) annual conference.

One of the strengths of RARA is the way in which it embraces disciplinary diversity across the partners, and supports reflection on how personal tutoring makes its most effective contributions. The paper we’ll be presenting at ACED marks a key celebration of this, as we share across the discipline of engineering some of our thinking and learning so far.

The paper will give insight into how RARA has been developed with the Faculty of Engineering at Sheffield.  We highlight how we have gained buy-in from academics to ensure that the approach supports the academic needs within their discipline, while also learning and reflecting on existing evidence and research into attainment gaps, and social inequalities in higher education.

One of the core aspects of our approach has been to move away from the framing of personal tutoring within a deficit discourse, for example as a way to fix problems when students have them. Instead at Sheffield we have embraced the approach of personal tutoring as being for everyone and developmental. A key example of how we have approached this comes from the launch of our attribute framework for the Sheffield Graduate Engineer, and the online tools for staff and students we have developed to facilitate reflection on this through personal tutoring.

To learn more about the Sheffield Graduate Engineer framework, the video below gives more insight:

Slides and resources from the talk will be available in our library after the conference.

Post By Samuel Dent