Welcome to the RARA Pledge

At Sheffield we are seeking to change the culture around attainment gaps in our University and in the sector through our CPD training and dissemination activity.

We want to visibly show the change.

If you’ve been to our workshops or attended our training, take the pledge and wear your badge with pride.

I pledge my support to enhancing personal tutoring for all students.

By wearing this badge, I recognise:

  1. Attainment gaps are everyone's responsibility.
  2. The only acceptable attainment gap is 0%.
  3. Good personal tutoring can help create a culture which supports reducing attainment gaps.

Get your RARA badge

If you would like a RARA badge, give us your address and we'll pop one in the post.

The information you provide will be used in conjunction with the RARA project only and will not be shared outside project's university partners.

RARA Badge