Shuxiao Zheng

Portsmouth Student Project Officer

My name is Shuxiao Zheng, and I come from Shanghai, China originally. I have been living in the UK for almost 11 years now. As a BAME student, I had many academic experiences, as a student as well as a school ambassador at school, college and university in the UK. My main field of study is Architecture. As an undergraduate, I began to observe and started questioning why certain group of students struggle more with Architecture than others. One of my experiences was winning a short writing competition of how to help international students to de-stress. The report explained different causes of stress for both home students and international students. I am very grateful that the University of Portsmouth gave me this wonderful opportunity to help build a more meaningful connection between BAME students and their personal tutors. In summary, I hope all personal tutors can understand a bit more about situations of BAME students, and support them in an appropriate and more effective way.